The Rain is Easing (download)

"Carmine watched the star shaped lights flicker on and off as the sunlight closed slowly down and the humid air became even sweeter than it was in the day. It had only been two years since she could look herself squarely in the mirror, two years of dissecting that event, which now steered everything she did.
Carmine had taken photographs - as a recorder, as a documentary film-maker, or to pass time, hoping that the growing collection of images would release her from the inexorable dialogue circling around her mind. These images in isolation were mundane, yet as a collection they were something else. The deep red ceiling, with electric cords trailing to the light, the barbers chair in brilliant contrast under a sharp southern winter light.

The Kudzu engulfing a building long since abandoned, a child's tricycle left in the street ready to be played with, but no one is around, the young hand playing with a cocktail glass 30,000 feet in the air with the sun cleansing the cabin.
All of these pictures add up to something, but Carmine cannot as yet understand this, it is like something caught out of the corner of your eye when you are moving fast, you don't stop to fix it in your gaze, you let it slip back, but it creates a resonance in your memory, one that is tantalizingly close, and familiar but it is now out of range, slipping back. Perhaps that's why the camera was invented. A corrector of our fickle memory machine, selective, flirtatious, transient and ultimately disloyal to the past. Perhaps that is why Carmine cannot remember what happened, her machine malfunctioned, and what if what the others have said is true? - that she has no soul, no conscience, and no heart. But she has one thing .. the collection.

The answer is there in those images .. all the others would have to do is trust them, as they would trust their own memories, then they would surely know, that she is not what they think she is. Despite this, Carmine is afraid, afraid to dream, to sleep deeply, to trust that event, that is a only flicker in the corner of her waking eye, to wait for it to come back to life, so that she may finally prove, that the others are wrong."

[ after William Eccleston ]

Music, image and words Phil Taylor (MP3 5mins32secs)| Atom Grad ©2013