Yvonne and Michael (download)

Yvonne never told Michael, she couldn't bring herself to it,
even though the other knew and carried the truth around
with them like a stale tobacco odour on a favourite coat.

As the dry grass in Thorpe Park onceagain returned to green,
and the shadows of summer grew longer a minute a day,
the knowledge of what happened did not diminish.

Instead it started to manifest its character in many small ways,
like a menagerie of malcontent attention seekers, a poisonous cloud
drifting through the rooms of the house they built together.

The silences grew ever more loud, the off-hand remarks re-fuelling and
re-grouping the middle distance stares more frequent and familiar,
any courage to reveal the truth had succumbed to an insidious air of denial …

Music, image and words Phil Taylor (MP3 4mins 21secs)| Atom Grad ©2013